Michael French is an internationally recognized artist. For over forty years he has exhibited in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Paris , San Miguel de Allende .

Born in 1951, Michael moved in 1956 to England where he started school. His father Dr. Barry French is a professor and recipient of many awards including the Order of Canada, from NASA and the Canadian Space Agency.

Michael´s mother, Gloria French, was a teacher in normal and specialized education most of her life. When Michael was young and Dr. French was doing postgraduate work in England the family traveled extensively throughout Europe which had an influence on his painting subjects in the years to come.

Michael´s paintings are always from images he has seen in real life and then he either draws only the most important elements right out of memory or does so later from a photograph. By eliminating all of the extraneous or unimportant, cluttering objects in a composition and creating the composition in a harmonious balanced way Michael’s work often feels or looks quite calm and the environment perfect or pristine.

Working from a photograph or the reality is virtually the same except that a photograph freezes the changing conditions such as light or flowers wilting, etc. and this allows Michael to study the image for much longer period of time especially with highly detailed subjects or in the execution of a portrait by example.

In Michael’s more recent hyper realistic paintings this advantage is very important. It is also very true that much of the art process if using photographs is in the original capture of the image. Still, working from memory, a photograph or reality, what is really essential is the composition, incorporating balance , negative and positive, color balance and the design, the lighting and textures all of which have to reflect the image Michael has in his head.